What I truly appreciate is the feedback I receive from my clients. It brings me great satisfaction to know that they are beyond pleased with their boudoir shoot, from the initial consultation to receiving the final images or products (not to mention their ongoing support), and how it made an impact on them.

See what my clients have to say about their experience.



"What an amazing experience to work with Sebastian. He is very professional and very organised with his shoots. An amazing guide also, he made me feel comfortable from the onset and his knowledge of photography is unbelievable. He knows how to work with the light to achieve the best results. I will definitely work Sebastian again and highly recommend his services."



"I have always been self conscious about my body my whole life and finally in isolation I started working out. With all my hard efforts I wanted to show it off and what better way then do a boudoir shoot! For my own self to see my achievements in a special way. I have been eyeing Sebastian's Instagram page for a while and when I saw my friends go to him and she told me he was safe and makes you comfortable I decided to finally do it. I had my hair and makeup done and felt like a celebrity. Sebastian was hilarious! It was like I already knew the guy. When we started the photo shoot I was nervous and shy but he made me feel totally comfortable and to be free in my own body even taught me how to pose, I was scared the photos wasn't going to look as good. When I saw them I was amazed how good I looked, everyone was blown away too. I am definitely going back for a second experience."



"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing experience you gave me. I had never been in front of a camera before and the whole experience was so comfortable and made me feel so empowered. Every step you took to make sure I was comfortable and happy with the positions and shots added to a really safe and comfortable environment. I will be recommending you to all my friends and the photos will always be cherished! Thank you"



"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the shoot we did a few weekends ago! It was amazing! You made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked through the door and helped me calm my nerves but just being such a down to earth person! It was so amazing working with you! From your encouraging attitude to your creativity with poses! All round AMAZING! Not to mention the fact you got the watermarked images back to me that night and my beautifully edited images done not even 24 hours after our shoot! Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had! Definitely can not wait to shoot with you again! "



"My experience with Sebastian was incredible. I approached Sebastian curious about what he does and eager to arrange a photo shoot for myself, he was so helpful and guided me through the process of what would happen on the day. This was my first time so without any previous experience it was hard to prepare. Sebastian sent me a detailed email of what I can wear, and tips and tricks which will make my photos a whole lot better.

When I arrived, as you can appreciate, I was a little nervous. Sebastian and his assistant made me feel more than welcome and sat and talked with me and explained everything in person! He is so respectful of my wishes and so professional. Instantly I felt so comfortable with him and I started to feel so confident. We had so much fun with lots of laughing and he knew exactly the way to point my feet or move my hair for the most perfect photos.

After the shoot was done I received photos that day to pick out my top 20 to be edited I wanted to take my time and Sebastian was okay with that. 1 week later I sent my requested photos back to him, after only a few days my edited photos arrived and I was over the moon!
I highly recommend Sebastian especially if it is your first time or you are new to this he is fantastic.

Looking forward to another shoot soon."



"Sebastian was an absolute pleasure to work with! The thought of doing a boudoir shoot at first was a little daunting not to mention a little bit out of my comfort zone but felt super relaxed and comfortable in an instant as soon as I stepped foot in the door at the shoot location. He was professional, polite and respectful throughout the entire shoot. Doing the shoot gave me the boost of confidence I needed in a long while and felt super sexy and womanly again which was such a great feeling. He really makes any woman appreciate herself for her true inner beauty and self worth. I was absolutely stoked with the end result. I highly recommend Sebastian for a shoot. The experience was amazing and I look forward to working with him again in the future 🙂 Shirley xx"



"My first shoot with Sebastian was at Balmoral beach in 2019. We had a great time shooting and he made me feel very very comfortable and relaxed.

I then met him for a Boudoir shoot earlier this year, Sebastian made me once again feel very comfortable and so easy to work with! I can highly recommend him, as he is not just very talented but also humble and real. Lovely in person and professional. Can highly recommend him."

Jess G.


"I had the most amazing, pleasure, wonderful time shooting & working with Sebastian that I will most HIGHLY RECOMMEND his photography skills / great experience to everyone.

He actually made me feel completely comfortable with every inch of my body at our shoot that I fell in love with my own body shape again.

Once again, I will hands down HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sebastian for all of your boudoir and photography needs."



"It was such an amazing experience to be able to shoot with Sebastian. He made me feel so comfortable, confident and guided me through the whole shoot. After not doing a photoshoot in years, I am so happy he was the first one to be able to shoot with me as he made me feel and look incredible. Therefore a huge thank you for helping me get my confidence back and I would honestly highly recommend him to anybody."



“I just want to thank Sebastian for such an amazing experience with our boudoir photo shoot experience. He made me feel comfortable and helped me with my confidence in poses.

Also made the finished images look incredible!

I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting boudoir images as not only is he a professional photographer but also makes the session fun!”



“Sebastian did an amazing job. I have never done a photoshoot let alone a boudoir photoshoot and let me just say I would do it again! Sebastian is an absolute professional he guided me through the whole shoot and at no point did I feel uncomfortable. He really gave me a new way to look at my body which is giving me so much confidence in myself. Thank you so much for the experience I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.”



“When I worked with Sebastian, I was nervous and unsure what to expect.
From the moment I met him, he was very open and approachable, answering any and all questions I had and asking me what my expectations were and what I’d like to get out of our shoot!
I found him to be extremely friendly and professional. He was great at directing me into poses that complimented my body to ensure the best images where produced. He brought energy to our shoot together and made it a great experience for me, I look forward to our next shoot together.”



“Sebastian was absolutely amazing to work with, he was very easy to correspond with while organising the shoot and from the moment I walked through the door I felt instantly comfortable.

I cannot thank him enough for making the day such a breeze and being so helpful with all the poses, and also for making the shoot itself super fun!
The outcome of the images are absolutely amazing, it was a huge confidence boost!

Sebastian was also very quick to have the images back to me which was great.

I highly recommend Sebastian to anyone who wants to do a shoot whether it’s for work or just for fun, he is extremely professional and respectful.”



“I’m always intrigued seeing photos of women in boudoir shoots, looking beautiful and elegant, so I decided to give it a go for myself. Which is ironic, as I have never done any photoshoots before and I usually avoid photos in general! But I think it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. 

Sebastian was very welcoming and friendly right from the start. He had good positive energy and kept chatting and making sure I was comfortable. The shoot flowed really well and Sebastian guided me through it in a professional, friendly and unrushed manner. 
Before the shoot I was feeling excited and nervous. I was just hoping for a good experience and wasn’t really expecting to like many (if any) of my photos. 
However, Sebastian was very quick at getting the photos back to me and I was truly amazed by the quality and number of photos I loved! He is a magician, and I highly recommend.”

Tattoo Artist


"When shooting with Sebastian – he was really insightful, helpful and unassuming. His technique and passion was communicated so well through his suggestions and inspiration in each pose or style. I loved every minute of it! I felt so comfortable, and most of all, I couldn’t be happier with how the work turned out. He really captured everything I had hoped for and more. He was quick and efficient in getting the finals to me and always responded with ease if I had any questions. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Really inspired me to do more photo shoots as well."

Zoo keeper


"Sebastian was amazing to work with. From the very start, he was professional double checking what I was comfortable with shooting, making sure I was comfortable the whole time. He is very bright, bubbly and super easy to get along with which added ease and comfortability of the shoot. Sebastian was professional the whole shoot, while making it a fun and exciting experience, making me confident throughout. Couldn't recommend Sebastian enough!"



"As someone who’s never modelled before, especially in lingerie, Sebastian made the entire process from start to finish so seamless and comfortable. Working with Sebastian was nothing short of amazing. He was so respectful and kept checking to make sure I was comfortable in front of the camera, and I walked away feeling totally empowered in my body, and as a woman. Thank you Sebastian"



"Since Sebastian told me about his photographic project, I had been excited since it was a new experience for me. During the shooting of the photos he was very professional and gave me the advice to take incredible photos. He really is a great professional and I will surely be happy to pose again in front of his lens."



"Since Sebastian told me about his photographic project, I had been excited since it was a new experience for me. During the shooting of the photos he was very professional and gave me the advice to take incredible photos. He really is a great professional and I will surely be happy to pose again in front of his lens."

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